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Boot to USB drive G750JM?

Level 7
So I have a Bootable USB drive I made with YUMI that I use for work to boot various tools (Password clearer, Ubuntu, CentOS, Anti Virus, Anti Malware, etc, etc) Totally works on other computers. Except my G750JM-DS71. Not that I need to use this often on this laptop since it's relatively new but I would like the option. I was able to use the ASUS Backtracer bootable USB drive I made to reinstall the OS on to a New SSD I had obtained for this laptop. Curious as to what I need to do to make this USB drive bootable with in UEFI/Secure boot type stuff if anyone has any idea's I'd appreciate it. I've done some google searching and nothing has made it painfully obvious what I need to do. The boot options and configuring them for a Win8 designed laptop is something relatively new to me and the options when I go in to configure the device just don't seem to be there for the USB drive. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Suggest checking in your bios 'Security' menu for any 'Secure boot control'/'Secure boot' option to disable it, and enabling the 'launch CSM' option in the 'boot' menu to boot to your non-UEFI bootable USB drive.

If you can't set this option in the bios boot menu (after saving the settings, exiting the bios, and re-entering the bios), try tapping the 'ESC' key a couple times at power up (when the logo appears) and waiting for the boot menu to appear (might take a couple tries to get it right) to select the non-UEFI USB drive option.

Please let us know how it goes if possible, and If you care about the extra security (?), change those settings back after you are done with your USB boot drive.

Level 7
Is it possible to select USB boot when you are in Win8? (PC Settings - shut down - advanced options?)