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Blurred text and image on external monitor

Level 7

I recently bought the asus rog g551 and I it was perfect until i connected my external monitor to it.
Text is fuzzy and after 10 sec of reading my head starts hurting, the same thing happens when i connect it to my other to tv's, and i don't get this kind of problem on my desktop.
So here is what i tried:
The monitor was connected with HDMI-DVI cable, then i tried another monitor/tv with an HDMI/HDMI cable and got the same resaults. Resolution is at 1920x1080 all the time for both external and build in monitor.
Im runing latest nvidia display driver, tried to re-install it in case i missed something, but nothing happened again.

I also tried switching off the intel gpu from bios but there was no such option in bios( upgraded bios from 202 to 204 and still no such option).
Basically i tried almost everything i could find in google, but to no avail.

I think the problem is that the external monitor is connected to the intel gpu, but i can't find a way to swap it to Nvidia one. Any ideas?

Level 7
Of course 5 minutes after creating the thread i found the problem. Hope this will help someone out:

This article will also help you fix some pixelated icons like spotify and some adobe products. Happy holidays.