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Black screen ROG G550JK

Level 7
Hello! I bought my rog g550jk in July for PC gaming, but I started to play only in September, had no free time. Once I launched web browser (Google Chrome) it was a lot of white color on the screen and it turned to black. It happens every time with same condition - open folder or browser window with white background. Background light works ok, I can increase or decrease light, but screen remains black. There are 2 ways to make screen to show picture again - reboot notebook or turn off the screen and turn on (fn+special button on the keyboard).
At official service center of ASUS in my country (Belii Veter or Белый Ветер in Russian) manager told me that it is issue related to motherboard and I spended 4 week waiting when they will replace it by guarantee. Today I finally got my notebook with new motherboard on it, but problem still here.
Now notebook is 2nd time at service centre and they don't know what is wrong with it.
The question - who hade same trouble and can ASUS replace notebook?

Level 7

I have the exact same issue, it's incredibly frustrating. Did you ever find a fix??