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Black Screen , can't enter bios

Level 7
my g750jw can't boot anyway because i deleted boot option (Windows boot manager) from BIOS.After i deleted g750jw got a black screen, can't press any key and enter bios, can't boot from USB/DVD/Hiren Boot but keyboard backlit light still work. How do i fix it or send my notebook to service center ?

Level 7
anyone help me 😞

Level 9
i think youre not pressing the right key, it should boot into bios, what key are you pressing

Level 9
Hi Btank,

I've encountered this as well, when I disabled something in BIOS regarding Boot opions. It is a pain in the ass to get correcting. Even after getting back into BIOS, I couldn't select a hard drive to boot up into.

To get into BIOS, I unplugged the device and pulled the battery for ~30 mins. After putting the battery back in, I was able to boot straight into BIOS, without key pressing, due to the lack of a bootable drive. I had a USB boot stick, choose this, and was able to get back into a command prompt. I don't remember if I did anything here, but on reboot, was able to see my drive again and get back into Windows.

Level 9
i think you can unplug HDD or bootable device, BIOS will re-recognizing, if you still have problem, i think you sent to service center to reflash BIOS.