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Bios unlock for G752VSK, ROG laptops ?

Level 9
Hello everyone!
No secret that we have a lot of hidden stuff in our laptop's bios – settings that are locked by Asus. Some of the forum members were able to flash modded bios while there is a tricky security system. Here I ask for help and, maybe, we can collect all the information about flashing bios with unlocked settings for ROG-series laptops owners in this thread.
I know flashing modded bios is not safe, but for those who are tired of overvolting, overheating and loud noise of cooling fans it would be a great help! I don't want to use a lot of programs to undervolt and to get rid of CPU throtling, I just want to set everything in bios settings (including overclocking section), make clean install of Windows and finally get rid of useless ROG Gaming Center.

For now I can dump my bios with AFUWIN and unlock setting with AMIBCP, but when I try to flash my modded bios with AFUWIN or AFUDOS – I get "error 18: unable to start a secure flash session". I have G752VSK (i7-7820HK and CM238 chipset). Would be very grateful for any help.

Level 7
Ok i've a G752VSK not OC Model. It's for that i think 😞
i will try to test with some parameters on throttle vs game center, and post result here.

Mr. Green,

The Intel 7700HQ processor in the G752VS (7th Gen CPU) can NOT be overclocked. Throttlestop will NOT overclock the 7700HQ processor. I might be wrong but I think the ROG Gaming Center and the Turbo Gear Updater is not providing any 7700HQ processor overclocking boost.

The Intel 7820HK processor in the G752VSK (OC Edition) can be overclocked. Throttlestop can overclock the 7820HK processor. The ROG Gaming Center and Turbo Gear Updater provides mild 7820HK processor overclocking boost.

This is why your overclock option is greyed-out.

No BIOS mod is going to permit overclocking the 7700HQ processor.
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Level 7
You are right, i can't overclock 7700HQ

And the speed is limited to 3400 Mhz when all threads is in use 😞

The only interresting thing to do is to lower voltage (-100mv) and temp is 75°C (was 85°C before)

Thanks for your time JD