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Best PassMark scores?

Level 7
I recently began using PassMark and was comparing my scores with other G75VW users. I actually have the highest score when using the baseline "same gpu and cpu." I'll post a picture of my scores. But it's not great quality. I'll post the scores at the bottom if you can't see. So what are your best scores?

Passmark Rating: 3842.1
CPU: 8453
G2D: 709
G3D: 2450
RAM: 2402
DISK: 3716
Asus G75V
nVidia GTX 670M
i7 3630QM at 2.4Ghz
12 GB Memory
750 HDD (500 HDD + 250 SSD)
Windows 8 Pro

Level 7
Passmark Rating: 3796
CPU: 8360
G2D: 654
G3D: 2616
RAM: 2375
DISK: 4185

although with GPU OC: 1700Mhz/750Mhz (memclock/coreclock) usual OC 🙂

well just for lols I went balls deep on this one...

Passmark Rating: 4020
CPU: 8242
G2D: 637
G3D: 2671
RAM: 2325
DISK: 11751 yes you read right x) 11.751 (Samsung Magicians RAPID Mode enabled)
rig: Impact VII / 4790K / Crucial Ballistix SP 16GB 1600Mhz/ 256GB 850 Pro
Corsair AX760 / H105 AIO Watercooling / Bitfenix Prodigy
laptop: G75VW 3630QM / 670m /16GB RAM / 256GB 840 Pro + 750gb/ BD drive
Gaming OC for 670m 750/1750