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G750J - cleaning

Hey there guys, I have decided to clean my laptop up a bit, but i'm unable to clean it properly, there remains smudges on the palmrest. Anyone have an idea how to clean it properly? I was thinking about cleaning tissues for stainless steel surfaces, ...

Asus G750JZ battery 97% but not charging issue

Hello Guys,I have a question to you. I have been using my brand new G750JZ for a week. When I checked battery, firstly it was fully loaded 100%. Everyday it almost loses 1% and now it shows fully loaded (not charged) 97%. Is the battery dying or what...

Wifi network quality problems

I have significant lag happening in games over good wifi.The signal is exellent after i updated driver from ASUS off websitei got like 70% less lag, but still it exists and makes me go full team this is a jokegame is unplayable due to lagi h...

SSD Not Recognized In G73SW Bios

I have a G73S G73SW = mobo G73SW-XN2 I have had it for about 3 years and I immediately added a SSD to run my OS from. Its always given me grief when booting like the drive doesn't initialize correctly about 25% of the time. So every now and then I ge...

OSIAS by Level 7
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g53SX HDMI sound icon has red 'x'.

HDMI sound icon.Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and knows the solution to this, since I´ve tried a lot of possible solutions and havnt got rid of the problem.The issue is, when I connect the HDMI cable from my Asus g53SX to my s...

-DDKOX by Level 7
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G750JZ-T4046H No Mouse and Backpack

I ordered the G750JZ-T4046H and recieved no Backpack and Game mouse, which I did receive with my G73JH and G75VW.I also see the mouse driver preinstalled.So did any of you received a backpack and mouse or did ASUS stop providing those with the G lapt...

Anybody Hooked-Up Three Displays to their G750/G750JZ?

Hi Folks:UPS tracking tells me my G750JZ is on a delivery truck. Today's the day! For me, three displays on a driving or flying simulator is almost magic. Movement entering my peripheral vision seems to rush, unfiltered by my realization that I'm ...

larry_l by Level 7
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ASUS G750JS AUOB173HW02 V1 Faint Vertical Lines

Hi All,I would like to know whether u guys experience this kind of phenomenon with AUO B173HW02 V1 matte screen.If you guys set ur desktop wallpaper for this kind of image below:

G75VX + Ocz Agility 3 Sata problem.

Hi! I have installed an Agility 3 in my g75, but i can´t get sata 3 to work. Crystaldiscinfo says that the SSD is a Sata 2 disc.Anyone who have had the same problem? ATTACH=CONFIG]38965[/ATTACH]