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ASUS G750JX acting weird. (Suddenly turns off)

Hi guys this is Iván.Recently my laptop after 5 minutes of gameplay automatically turns off with no advise. This happens just the first time I use it on the day, when that happens I go to Hwmonitor and see some awesome 80°C++ which means that before ...

FYI. New G750JS Replacement Working so far

So on the second attempt I have now had a working G750JS for two weeks..first had a problem with fans spinning up to full speed when not under load, but was replaced with no issue from my online retailer in the UK.It came with an 8Gb Samsung memory m...

How to Turn Off Logo Backlight?

Hello Again Folks:My G750JZ arrived today. I'm so happy. I've run backtracker to generate two flash drive, one for backup. Tomorrow I'll install system backup software and start having fun. One little thing bothers me. This is a serious tool for...

larry_l by Level 7
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G750J - cleaning

Hey there guys, I have decided to clean my laptop up a bit, but i'm unable to clean it properly, there remains smudges on the palmrest. Anyone have an idea how to clean it properly? I was thinking about cleaning tissues for stainless steel surfaces, ...

Asus G750JZ battery 97% but not charging issue

Hello Guys,I have a question to you. I have been using my brand new G750JZ for a week. When I checked battery, firstly it was fully loaded 100%. Everyday it almost loses 1% and now it shows fully loaded (not charged) 97%. Is the battery dying or what...

Wifi network quality problems

I have significant lag happening in games over good wifi.The signal is exellent after i updated driver from ASUS off websitei got like 70% less lag, but still it exists and makes me go full team this is a jokegame is unplayable due to lagi h...

SSD Not Recognized In G73SW Bios

I have a G73S G73SW = mobo G73SW-XN2 I have had it for about 3 years and I immediately added a SSD to run my OS from. Its always given me grief when booting like the drive doesn't initialize correctly about 25% of the time. So every now and then I ge...

OSIAS by Level 7
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g53SX HDMI sound icon has red 'x'.

HDMI sound icon.Hello, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and knows the solution to this, since I´ve tried a lot of possible solutions and havnt got rid of the problem.The issue is, when I connect the HDMI cable from my Asus g53SX to my s...

-DDKOX by Level 7
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G750JZ-T4046H No Mouse and Backpack

I ordered the G750JZ-T4046H and recieved no Backpack and Game mouse, which I did receive with my G73JH and G75VW.I also see the mouse driver preinstalled.So did any of you received a backpack and mouse or did ASUS stop providing those with the G lapt...