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GTX 880m 60hz vs GTX 780m 120hz?

On the verge of buying a new laptop, I can't seem to decide which laptop to go with. So I have a few questions, I'd really appreciate if you could help me with my questions.First of all I really wanna go with a 120hz screen, so I looked online and co...

Is G550JK coming to the United Kingdom?

Hi all!I'm looking forward to buy an Asus ROG G550JK, but it seems like it's still not available in the UK. The only place that apparently sells it in the United Kingdom is the following:

CPU Temps and Fan Control (G53jw) - Help!

Computer is an Asus ROG G53jw running Win7 Home Premium.Over the past month or so, I've been getting "clock interrupt" BSODs on my G53jw. I took the machine apart and discovered that the CPU fan is not spinning consistently, and temp monitoring softw...

ImagoX by Level 7
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G74Sx AC Mode/Battery Mode Toggle

Hi, I have a G74Sx ROG notebook. I believe something may be the matter with my power jack, perhaps loose or bent, and needs replacing. I am going to have it looked at and fixed if possible. I was wondering though how I might stop the image flicker...

39286 39287
physma by Level 7
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g750JS 870m 90c+ temperatures normal?

My personal laptop has a 670m, with benchmarks hits low 70-75c under very heavy load. My little brother has a g750JS which he got for college a few weeks ago and while trying to see how well watch dogs preforms it was hitting high 80's to low 90's. ...

g750Jx BIOS boot options priorty list empty!!

Hi to all fellow g750 users. Previous day while i was browsing in the windows explorer i suddenly i got an blue screen and so an error. Then i restarted my laptop and its open bios automaticly. After that i realized that boot option priorty list is e...

Gokho91 by Level 7
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G60vx gpu death

Hi guys. Basically i think my GPU bit the dust yesterday, I plugged in a 5 in one tv doodad for my grandad and then it started to behave weird after reboot/removal of the usb device. The fan stopped coming on and the GPU overheated and crashed with c...

Kitsune by Level 7
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