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My g750jx is being very slow.

Never had any frame rate issues in games before today. Now it's behaving like it's unplugged when it's plugged in. Games where I never used to have any framerate issues previously are now performing terribly. No setting changed in-game and drivers ar...

Last official geForce drivers for G75 ?

Hi,Officially, last VGA drivers on site have version V9.18.13.1100.02 and were released 2013/02/20. But after that Nvidia has released A LOT of updates. But when I install some of that drivers my laptop freezes (here are many threads about that). Nee...

Just by Level 7
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I need an additional 8GB ram upgrade for my asus g750jm

I just got the g750jm and it comes with 8GB of ram. I want to upgrade to 16GB of ram but i don't know which one to get. Can someone suggest a specific one to get and i know the ram for this PC is ddr3l, which i'm not really familiar with. Thank you a...

Need help with the headphone settings for G750JM

Is there a way to get the headphone jack to connect automatically and get sound through it instead of dealing with an additional prompt by the Realtek Audio Manager to choose between headphones and speaker out before the headphones work ?

Please Recommend A Particular Cool Pad.

Hi Again Folks:This is such a helpful forum. On my desk, my G750 JZ's GPU tops out in the low 70s C playing World of Tanks, full everything, at about 40 FPS. I have GPUTweak turned on, GPU Overclock on, but I haven't messed with CPU overclocking. ...

larry_l by Level 7
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Any known issues with G550?

Hello All,I'm thinking about upgrading my GS53 to a G550, because the system ran so great when I first got it but I've had so many hardware issues with the GS53 I'm just ready to get rid of it. However, the ROG still seems to offer a great value and...

JR_12 by Level 7
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Running Laptop With Lid Closed?

Hi Folks: My G750 goes into hibernation when I close the lid. I use a USB keyboard and mouse, and an external monitor for almost everything. I understand there is a power setting that will tell the laptop to keep running when the lid is clo...

larry_l by Level 7
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