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Question about BIOS for Asus G550JK / N550JK

Hi all,Recently my G550JK suddenly died. In the local ASUS service center told me, that the motherboard is defective and that replacing with a new one would cost $1500 /Oh yes, sure :rolleyes:/. After this suggestion I tried to repair the MB by mysel...

Acer predator monitors and Asus G752

Hello guys,Few days ago I bought Acer predator XB271HU monitor because my Dell U2515H was not waking up from sleep. When I linked the monitor through HDMI to my Asus G752 gaming laptop, I got no signal but it worked with Mini Displayport. Since I ha...

G752VS - Can't flash BIOS

So Windows 10 decide to update firmware drivers to new G752VS bios 312... It didn't even ask me do I want it but, never mind. After reboot, it tried to update the bios and it just stuck:No bar that it should erase and install new bios at all. Just lo...

Silencer by Level 7
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My FN+F9 just stopped working [solved]

After a Windows automatic update this morning, I noticed my touchpad was activated again (as I have always had it turned off.) Once it rebooted and I went to desktop, I tried to turn the touchpad off and the FN+F9 was of no use. It is important for t...

G75VW - Motherboard differences

I have a G75 with that assumed had a bricked bios. Replaced the bios chip but still wont start so I will try to replace the motherboard. There is alot of them on ebay with different PN. From what I can see the main difference is 2D or 3D screen conne...