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i broke my audio input adapter

as title said i broke the pin, is there any way i can switch the audio output and input jacks. i am using via hd audio but it does not give me the option to switch the external jacks.

G750 - Easy Streaming?

Hi Folks: I'm SO HAPPY with my jz. While deciding on a laptop I read a lot of stuff about the G750, in product reviews and on Asus's site. I thought I came across something that suggested the G750 is bundled with software to make it a snap ...

larry_l by Level 7
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G750JW does not power on

Hi Guys,I have been overly satisfied with my G750JW until yesterday: when pressing the power button, nothing happened, no beep, blink, nada! I tried with and without power supply, with power and no battery, removing power supply and battery and press...

G750 with 4810MQ and a 8GB 880m

Hey guys, first time posting on this forum. I was wondering if any1 heard anything about a G750 with a 4810MQ processor and an 880m with 8GB?Thanks in advance.

loofbox by Level 7
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G75VW 3D Vision, Built in emitter not working?

I recently purchased a refurbished 3D model of the G75 from Newegg, only to find that the SATA controller in it was completely bonkers, and that it did not come with the 3D vision glasses that were included at retail. After an RMA, I was completely h...

chibifs by Level 7
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the corner under the screen lifted and wont cip down ?

Asus g750jx ssd upgrade?

Hi, I have the G750JX model which doesnt have the SSD. Now I want to install an SSD but I dont know what format does the G750JX uses. SATA ? MSATA or M.2?

High temperatures

i have had a G750 with and 770m card in for half a year now. to start with heaven bench could never get the gpu past 75 degrees and the fans never really revs up.. looked at hardware monitor while playing CS-GO and i had a whopping 98 degrees Celsius...

Str4te by Level 7
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Repartitioning G750J - please help

Okay so the laptop comes with 4 partitions however i want to set it up where my SSD is one partition and my HD is a second partition. I want to do this without a clean install but i'm not sure of the best way to do this. My main concern is the recove...

owvp702 by Level 7
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