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G750JS -> Trouble outputting > 1920x1080 over HDMI

Hi folks,I've got a 27" monitor that I want to drive over the HDMI port. This monitor is capable of 2560x1440, but Windows sees the cap at 1920x1080. The monitor has the right driver, and I've gone into unlisted modes, but I still can't get anything ...

forelis by Level 7
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VGA upgrade for the G51jx laptop

Hi, I have a question for those who, like me, have the G51jx laptop. I just want to know how many of you would support a proposition for ASUS to manufacture a new model of video card compatible with our laptops?Honestly, I think that it is not fair ...

G75WV game crashes and BSOD

Hey guysHaving serious problems with a G75WV laptop. I'll try to give you as much as relevant infos as possible. (Laptop is not mine but taking care of it for my better half).- Laptop is 1 and an half year old. - Laptop was running Win 8, started hav...

Norz80 by Level 7
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Thinking about replacing G750JW's Optical Drive...

Hi guys, I'm new to disassembling my laptop. Actually, I disassembled it a while back when I upgraded the two RAM sticks below the keyboard. What got my interest was that the Optical Drive (which is the built-in DVD Writer) can easily be taken out wi...

Blu-ray software for G750JW - solution inside

Just upgraded a DVD to BD combo, and bumped into the same problem as everybody else - pre-installed AsusDVD version doesn't play Blu-rays. Spent few hours on experiments and reading, and finally found a solution - free, convenient and (hopefully) leg...

Killing OPTIMUS on g750

READ IN JOHN OLIVER VOICEThis thread is for research and discussion of the topic.If you came to suggest that's not possible, or to post something obviouseverybody knows about (e.g. explain how optimus works), please don't.Im dedicated to maintain thi...

G750JS-RS71 Graphic problems

I've bought this ROG just a week ago and very pleased with, but just notice there is no way to use GTX-870 as primary video card.The integrate Intel sucks and won't let me even play flash video on the web without getting stuck every few min.Since lot...

Izik770 by Level 7
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