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G56 owners - how to remove the DVD drive?

I am looking at buying the G56JK model, and would like to fit a HDD caddy in place of the DVD drive. HDD caddies are available for the G56 but it doesn't appear immediately obvious how the drive is removed, especially since the access cover does not ...

alextza by Level 7
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GPU Throttling during Furmark Burn-In on my G75VW

I'm not a gamer, so would usually not realize if there is a problem with my GPU. But I was running the Furmark 15 minute Burn-In test this morning, and it seems my GPU is severely throttling. It does this from the second I start the test until the ...

SHADO by Level 9
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G750 temperature problems

Hello. I recently bought G750JM. Everything was very good for a first two days but then strange things started. At idle stance cpu works around 45C temperature, but on games it jumps till 85-90C. I tried to start stress test and benchmarking with XTU...

Ways To Reduce Fingerprints On G550JK?

Hello All!I just purchased a ROG ROG G550JK-DS71 from I am excited about getting this laptop but I have one concern.I have read on several review sites that the black finish of the G550 is very fingerprint prone and I am picky about finge...

cookmv by Level 7
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Overclocking GPU reduced temperature!!

I have a G750JX-CV069P770M 3GBI use gpu tweak to limit my fps to 30 (me fine with 30.. in fps games)when i use stock frequencies... GPU usage averages around 98%-99% (30fps locked) and temperature averages around 78C-81C (Max 83C sometimes 85C!! )wh...

Akash22 by Level 7
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Need a new sidekick notebook

I know not a asus g750 problem here, but hoping someone could have some input.y original surface pro just pooped out on me. So best buy gave me in store credit, which is fine as that's where id spend it. So I picked up the new surface pro 3 256gb i7 ...

dblkk by Level 7
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Memory leak in many games

I have G56jr After 30 min of playing some games I notice significtant reduce in FPS. It is rather not problem with GPU temp, because max temp is about 70-75 C while gamingI have 8GB RAM, SSDtried:- set virtual mem to 2GB- no virtual memOnly restartin...

xdon82 by Level 7
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USB 2.0 Ports not Working on G73s

Earlier I was having an issue with usb device driver installations, and I attempted "method 2" of this fix: uninstalled 2 "USB Root Hub" drivers from the devices me...