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G750jw: Immediate shut down upon startup

This is my second G750jw, the first having faced a set of different problems. With this second G750jw, which is barely more than a month old, I am facing an issue where my laptop always powers off about 3 seconds after being powered on. If I power ...

Will this Plextor m6e-m2-2280 ssd fit in the g750JZ

Hello there,As the title describes im wondering if those m.2 ssd;s from plextor fit in my g750JZ wich currently has the sandisk oem in raid0.Looking at these plextors made me want to buy them and put 2 of those 256gb in raid0 as they seem to perform ...

Wulff by Level 9
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Audio Jack - SPDIF/ 1/8 inch headphones jack

3.5mm Audio jack into the 1/8 inch Headphones spdif jack?Hi guys, I currently have a G56JR - CN273H , As per the user manual, It has a SPDIF 1/8 inch stero headphones out jack. Apparently, I can't connect the standard 3.5mm audio jack in. ( A-Jays , ...

Problems with internet connection on G750 JW

Hi, since 2 weeks ago I've been having a hard time with internet stability, I've contacted my ISP, they have run tests and even changed the modem, but the stability problems have proven to be resilient, I've tried re-installing the internet adapter d...

Remove built in keyboard

Hey all, So last week i spilt soda on my keyboard causing it to not function properly. I connected an external USB keyboard to it and was using that. Just today it seems like my laptop has a few keys that my computer is recognized as being press...

Play movie with screen closed?

Ok this might be a silly question but how can I set a movie to play hdmi out with the lid closed?I cannot for the life of me figure it out.....Also is there any way to control playback with lid closed using a remote?

jancy by Level 7
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G55VW DVD Drive not working

Hello,I've got the ROG G55VW-DS71 laptop. The product is not under warranty(it's been over an year since purchase). The DVD drive has stopped working. It spins up and then stops and this goes on and on. I've tried several discs but, no positive resul...

pw4090 by Level 7
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