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How to disable/uninstall Asus InstantOn?

Every time I turn on my computer, a tooltip says "When placed in a deep sleep, some USB ports may not function," or something along those lines. Which leads me to believe that my computer isn't "shutting down," but rather just going into sleep mode. ...

G75vw weird 1s regular lag on games

hi everyone,I've had my G75VW for over a year now, brought a few improvements since then, I now have:Windows pro 8.116GB of RAM memory (8 from original build, 8 added)SSD 240GB (Kingston SSDNow V300) partitioned 50GB for win8, the rest for main games...

Penhad by Level 7
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G75VX windows 8.1 hdmi broken, win8 ok

im using aAsus g75vx notebook i recently went from windows 8 to 8.1. my hdmi allowed me to connect to my tv no problems but after i installed windows 8.1 i cant on the tv it now says unsupported.Any ideas as to how to fix this?

Vizard by Level 7
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G75VW no splash screen / no boot

Hey guys,Hoping to get some help. Today I was trying to reinstall Windows 8, via USB. To the best of my knowledge everything went smooth. I loaded the bios to lock 2nd HDD and the Disk drive, and when I restarted I ran into a big problem. The machine...

Warranty Work for G55VW DVD Drive

Howdy all!It seems the DVD drive in my G55VW finally gave up the ghost - it won't read any discs any more, which makes it essentially useless. My machine is still within the 2 year warranty period, but I wanted to find out a couple things before I st...

Asus G75VW malfunctioning!

5 months ago I bought an Asus G75vw , the specs are i7 , gtx 660m , 4gb ram. The problem is I think the gpu is malfunctioning. I get horribly low FPS in all games . even WoW with low settings on I get 8-15 fps. I can't even open games like Metro Last...

Xerav43 by Level 7
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