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Asus g750JS hackintosh

Hello all, I've been attempting to install OSX mountain lion and mavericks with little luck. I followed the online tutorials based on the G750JX by swapping out the Kexts on my thumb drive but I have a feeling there are some hardware differences with...

sk32md by Level 7
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WiFi Replacement for G75VW

I have had my G75vw for 2 years now and everything has been running fine, but lately my latency in games and just general web browsing. I have heard that ASUS ROG uses cheap Wireless Boards. I think I will be needing to upgrade it, I have tried diffe...

G750JH Switching to battery during Gaming

I bought a G750 almost a year ago and It has been really good, but over the past few months I've been noticing that while I am gaming (especially in intense scenes) sometimes the laptop will switch to battery mode for a few seconds, or sometimes unti...

G750 jw screen backlight went out after replacement

I have a g750 jw and the screen cracked. After the screen was replaced by the same part number by a repair man the screen worked fine for about a minute then the back light went out. Other lcd screens were tried and the lcd works but the back light w...

G750JS graphics breakdown!?

[Copied from wrong forum section]So, I bought G750JS literally a month ago and suddenly it bugged on me last night once, then worked just fine for most the day... And suddenly decided to completely die on me. The thing is it's weekend so I can't do a...


Triple Boot Win7, Win8, Ubuntu.

i just recently performed a clean install of windows 7 in my asus g750js, and while i was having so much fun playing i realize that i can try installing win 8 and linux as well.i leave this screenshots just for people to know that in deed, the g750js...

skajuan by Level 7
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G56JK Audio Out options

Hello All,I just bought a ROG G56JK and I had a few questions to which I can't find the answers. I'm trying to connect my computer to an old Sony Surround Sound Control Center (STR-K660P) without much luck. It doesn't look like my computer shares any...

Laptop freezes while playing

Hello.I bought a Asus G750JX-T4145H and I must admit that I am very disappointed so far.First of all I deleted the partitions too make room for my 140+ steam games.One hard drive is for Windows + programs and the other one is for my steam games.The p...

y0da67 by Level 7
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