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mouse pointer freezes

It is not a problem with this G750JM - there are so many people had this problem on their compters with Windows 7 or 8. Only a normal USB mouse and only the mouse pointer freezes on the screen. The notebook works fine and the touchpad is also fine. A...

ROG G750JS Wireless Connection Issues

Hi Guys,I have bought a new G750JS five months back. I'm really happy with the performance of the laptop out of the box. But recently i have a rather annoying issues with the wireless. There are constant spike and even lost connection when idling. Be...

I can't find sonicMaster on G750JX?

I just purchased g750JX laptop, but I can't find SonicMaster on it. all I see is MaxxAudio . but on official site for g750jx it says that it support SonicMaster on it..... can somebody explain me this, please?

Serious Purchase Advice G750JM vs G750JS ( Urgent )

Okay guys so i`m having a serious struggle deciding what to buy.G750JM - Original price - 1,340$ ( Adding 8 GB ram and 250 SSD Samsung Evo 840 = +200$ ) = 1,540$G750JS - Original price - 1,729$ ( Maybe switching the SanDisk crap with an Samsung Evo b...

xDivine by Level 7
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G750JM - graphics crash when watching video?

I'm not sure what's happening, but sometimes (not sure when), when i'm watching something on youtube or facebook (didn't happen on other sites so far, if I remember right) the monitor just goes black and back several times (2-3 times in 1 sec) and th...

SEnergy by Level 7
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Degrading RAID0 SSD performance?

When I first bought my G750 JH in October I ran a disk benchmark and it did just over 1 GB/s sequential read and I thought that was pretty amazing. But over time I have periodically run the benchmark and noticed gradually falling scores. Here is the ...


2 annoying issues with my G750JX

hello ROGers! recently i went to ASUS to replace my cooling system because my cpu fan was dead. now i noticed that my gpu is running waaaaay too hot - 94 degrees while running furmark and then cools down to 88 and so on. even while playing dota 2 i g...

Asus G73SW GPU an CPU temperatures.

Hello! I have a couple of questions to ask about Asus G73SW with GTX460m and i7 2630QM.What are your temperatures when running basic tasks like a web browser, MS Office, etc.What are your temperatures when gaming?How often would you suggest to repast...