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Trying to install SSD and migrate OS (win7)

I'm having a bitch of a time getting this to workcurrently i've got 2x 500gb hddwhat I want to do is remove hdd2 and temp install ssd and copy my OS partition over using paragonthe laptop doesn't ever see the ssd when it's installed in slot 1 it see'...

Tikker by Level 7
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New G750JZ

Hi. I have just bought a new G750jz laptop. I had the shop format the laptop, and install windows 7 Pro.I have installed all the drivers from the ASUS Support page, and all is working well.I want to know if ASUS AI Suite works on this laptop, and whi...

Win 7 Much Better

G750JM added 250G SSD and some RAM.Used the drivers from Asus and install went smoothly. I was having issues with my Garmin GPS and other weird problems with Win 8.Now everything works well and feels faster.So for anyone considering switching I hope ...

Moding Fans with LEDs G75

Did any one tried modding their G75 with LEDs on their fans?Im planning to do this and was hopping to get some suggestions.

G751 this ok? anytjing to add

im considering this g751 any thing that needs to be add , my budget is 3K before taxes I want the max I can afford ncix said if I wanted any thing add it must be done a...

G74SX working state!

I know, i know :cool: this title is a trap but i just wana say that my G74SX is working like a charm after two fracking years and grinding all new games and what not i install on them. I just reinstall OS after two years bcoz of a tiny slowdown (it w...

DaemonXR by Level 10
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G750JX + Gaming -> Super Heat + Turning off auto

Hi everyone,When using my notebook to play games for like 3h, the notebook just turns off, I think because of the heat. Lately it's been too hot in Brazil (around 32ºC / 89ºF), but also I had to format and reinstall everything from scratch, because t...

Dopp0 by Level 7
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