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Maintaining Battery Life G750JW

So recently I've been noticing that my battery hasn't been lasting as long as it use to, I realize that charging it wears it down over time, but I was wondering anything I can do to make my battery last longer.I've already undervolted my processor, a...

G750JH Mic Location

Hi guys. Just want to ask if where is the mic of G750jh located at? Thanks guys. Your help means a lot to me. God bless to all!

G550JK Keyboard not illuminating

I have just purchased a G550JK laptop and the backlit keyboard which is supposed to illuminate red doesn't. I am not overly tech savvy so hoping someone might have a plain english version of how to fix this problem?

Asus G750 USB 3.0 Ports not working with some things

I bought a pair of Razer Megalodons. They work with Windows 7, on my old HP laptop, but not on my new Windows 8 laptop. When I plug it in, it lights up, and I can adjust the settings on the sound box. But, on my screen, it says the device could not b...

G75vw Disk Led

Hey guys !My g75 started doing the most weird thing when i turn it on the hdd led starts to blink for about 3-5 minutes then the notebook turns on he lights the keyboard and boot to windows...To test it i removed the 2 hd and turn it on but he do the...

redbond by Level 7
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Asus G750JZ-T4172H questions

Firstly there is nothing but advertisements for this specific laptop online, hence me having to join up here to ask some questions ...This particular version of the G750, which I recently purchased, has the 2x 128GB M.2 drives in RAID0 configuration....

Different between D and H in product codename?

I heard from some people that ASUS do build lower quality machines for some markets. For custom versions (not standard versions for a specific country), H is the standard quality version, D is the lower one, for example G751-T7075D. Is it true?After ...

ZerockX by Level 7
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