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Hi Guys! Just got a new baby and need some help :)

Hey guys,I just got my new 750 from Costco and its absolutely wonderful. Problem is I need a little help from you guys setting it up. And yes I have read the fforum but there is just too much contradictory advice. So can someone directly give me sugg...

G75 VX Ram Replacement

I have a G75 VX, and want to either add Ram to it, OR, replace the RAM already in it.I do a lot of 3d drawings, and am hoping by adding more Ram, it might help renderings speed up etc, Not sure if this will Improve by adding RAM??Currently, I have 3 ...

skidoo by Level 7
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G750JZ After Nvidia Update 344.48 gets Code 43 Error

Hello guysI bought a Rog G750JZ 1 month ago setuped win 7 64bit. and i was very happy until yesterday. The night of 22 october nvidia released a new update 344.48 for Gtx 880m. I updated my driver and i got code 43 error on device manager( yellow tri...

[G750JX] Can't burn CD's, help! ):

So it seems I can't burn cd's on my laptop, no idea why. I can read them perfectly. I have tried everything I could, can't find an answer for my problem...When I try to burn a CD, it doesn't give any error (WMP, have tried ITunes also), it acts as if...

Filipus by Level 7
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G750JH CPU Fan Throttled!

Hi guys just want to know if you experience the same way i do. Lately my Processor fan throttled even without doing something? I'm worried my rig here is broken. Can you guys help me if you have solutions to this problem. Very much appreciated if you...

ASUS G751 in UK Availability Date?

Hi Guys,i want to buy the new (ASUS ROG G751 Series G751JY-DH71 Gaming Laptop ) in uk i cant buy it from newegg does any1 have any idea on when it will be available in uk?

G750JHA shut itself off once so far while gaming.

Hello so earlier today my Asus notebook shut itself off while playing a game called Elder Scrolls online; automatically I assumed heat issues so i downloaded a monitor program and noticed that while playing my GPU temp hits about 80c. Although I also...

Folkb by Level 7
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Broken HDD? (Asus G750JX)

Hi,I have a problem seems like. One day, I started up my G750JX and I was shocked. Win 8.1 started to boot as usuall and as I use SSD (250gb EVO) as my OS drive it usually boots in few seconds. BUT It didn't boot even in minute. Win was loading and l...

Battery Problem - Asus G53SW-A1 running at half capacity.

So for the past 2 weeks or so, the charging light is blinking green orange constant when the jack is in. The Battery is running basic at half capacity. the laptop runs from 100% to 50% and then at exactly 50% the laptop shuts down completely without ...

anvancy by Level 7
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