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How open FA180PM111 adapter (G75V)?

I need to open my adapter FA180PM111! The cable outlet sparks.. and I have to change it. How do you open? I am an electrician ... but there are no screws to undo!(sorry for my bad english)

WILEz by Level 7
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G750jm Subwoofer keeps cutting out

Hi all I have a G750jm purchased a month ago and the subwoofer keeps cutting out at random times and will cut back in, this will stop if I turn down the woofer to aboutb 50% in realtek settings. this laptop has been sent back to asus for repair wher...

evezy123 by Level 7
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G750JX and G750 JM chassis and graphic card

DID G750JM chassis and graphic card compatible with G750JM ? I just damaged my G750JX and decide to replace with G750JM's part. Chassis, keyboard part dented and damaged keyboard. graphic card just ask if compatible.

Jlieu by Level 7
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Benefits of Manual Fan Speed Control

First of all, I would like to thank hmscott for bringing up a working fan speed controller for the G750 called NoteBook FanControl.You can see his post on where to get it and how to use it on our G750 here:

eGPU, time to wake up!

Intel's engagement to do things go wrong is finally paying back: supercheap Thunderbolt is dying.But not everything is bad, Apple can now create new amazing incompatible connectors, which is why Apple's users love so much Apple. ASUS, where are you...

Newest 120HZ Display Laptop?

Hey, i was wondering if there was or is going be(within the next months or so) an Asus laptop that allows for 120hz display? The most recent I could find at 120HZ was the G750JH. Would someone happen to know if there will be a g571 with 120HZ, or a G...

lightree by Level 7
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When G751JZ? ^_^

When shall we get the G751JZ with a 980M 8G? ^_^And why we could not find product with 16:10 screen(1920x1200)? : (

Natural by Level 7
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