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ASUS GPU Tweak for G750JX

Does anyone use this? If so has anyone found a good overclock? I have tried using it some but it seems when i use it i accually get lower fps then i normally do. Anyone have any tips? Thanks

iweber95 by Level 7
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Hold Out For SLI 980m

Dear ASUS.You may have my dollars if you make a sli 980mI wish to cook eggs on my laptop while playing planetside 2, this is a dream of mine. please be my make a wish sponsor.Thank you from the future where it is sunny and warm. :cool:Good bye.

G750js Vertical line issues

Hi Guys,I recently got a G750js and had the vertical line issue with the screen that a number of users have described. I sent a message to Asus support who told me to update me drivers and BIOS (which I have already done) and if that didn't work to t...

G74S power adapter brick replacement

Hi,I'm looking to replace the AC power adapter of the G74S. It died. I can't seem to find the exact same thing over the internet (Canada), so I was wondering if this would work: power is slightly more, ...


does the asus G751- JY-DH72X support the 4940 MX Extreme Edition 3.1 GHZ processor? or can the processor in the G751-JY-DH72X be replaced with the 4940 MX if the original DH72X came with a different processor? or how difficult would it be to swap pr...

Battery - What to do and what not to do - Question

Hi!I recently got Asus G750JZ and I am wondering if I am doing this right or should I change it and if so what? When I play games I put my battery OUT of the laptop as the temperature destroys it first.When I am at home or somewhere where I can have ...

navis995 by Level 11
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Recovery Partition Question? G55V

So i will keep it simple i cant do a factory recovery. When i got my laptop i made a 2nd partition to put my games in it but now i trying to re-install my windows and it doesn't work because the when the you select the reset option the system go take...

Tips for G750JW SSDs

I just ordered an SSD for my G750JW and I wanted to know if anyone could link me a good forum for tips on installation and such.I also wanted to know if Windows would detect that it is installed on an SSD and not defrag it through windows maintenance...