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CS:GO Stutter G750JZ

Hey guys! I really hope that there are CS:GO players here.I have been having this issue for so long that I can't even explain how sick I am of it.Whenever I play CS:GO my fps is not stable. I always use vsync and I cap my fps to 60 (I don't really ne...

dne0gen by Level 7
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Fan Cleaning Accessibility Concerns and Airflow

I don't understand when they say the airflow is from the front and out the back. I don't see any air inakes in the front. And from what I can see, the air gets sucked inn from the keyboard(the top).I have read around and I have the feeling that there...

Deluxius by Level 7
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G75VW Keyboard Backlight Controls

Hi there!I have had my G75VW for about two weeks, and it's a great machine. I have had some issues with software, but it seems to have leveled out and is working correctly on Win7 Ultimate x64 with all my games taking max settings without issue.My on...

ROB2 by Level 7
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G73Jh i7-720QM Turbo Boost problem

Hi guys I have a problem with the Turbo Boost on my G73Jh. I upgraded the CPU last weekend from i3-350M to i7-720QM and it works great, but I have no idea how does the Turbo Boost work. I've searched some info about it and I think, it should power up...

air2air by Level 7
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G73jh bad F key

I have to press HARD to get the FF key to work.Is the key replaceable? Do I have to replace the whole keyboard assy?Thanks ffffffor any assistance and direction!!!Mark

G74sx bad lvds cable?

I have an older g74sx that has served me well for several years, I have opened it up several times prior to resolder the power socket and fix issues internally (speaker vibrations) without any issues. Yesterday the power socket finally gave out fully...

G74 power issue...

Hello all,I have read a couple of forums here about G74 power issues and I just couldn't find an exact answer on what has happened to mine. So, I'll ask here. I have had my g74 for about 6 months now, and the previous owner had replaced the battery a...

Vyrus by Level 7
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