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Asus Rog G752VY 7 years and time to replace

Hi and thank you for any contributions, they are much appeciated.I have had my Asus Rog G752VY since 2016, £1800 or there abouts then, it has served me well and I love it and the brand, but lately it is showing signs of being an old boy on the GPU fr...

Modded bios on g750jx for overclocking?

I don't understand why ASUS decided to lock the Bios but I cant seem to find a way on overclocking my G750jx at all! Turns out that MSI afterburner does not work and  Intel XTU doesn't work either because I don't have a X or a K series CPU. I looked ...

Unable to register ASUS serial number - solved

I tried registering @ -> ASUS account -> my Support(left column) -> Product Registration. The site will not accept my laptop's serial number even though I entered all variations(serial number only has the zero or letter "o" issue). I...

Linerax by Level 7
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Asus smart battery charging?

The things I think happens:The G75 might need some extra power from time to time, the 180W power brick seems on the limit. When this happens the good thing is that Asus did allow the battery to provide that extra power so there are no real problems.I...

c_man by Level 11
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Asus G56JR won't start up / post

Hey guys,So I've had my trusty G56JR laptop for a while now and it's been a work horse, never letting me down.I haven't so much lately but I did yesterday and all was good.Today I tried turning it on and...nothing.Power light led comes on but nothing...

zpedro by Level 9
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How to WOL G501 Laptop

I have a gu501 laptop and i would like to enable WOL. Currently, i have been able to setup WOL but only if the computer is in sleep mode and not "off". I have turned off power management for the usb ports and cannot find a switch in the BIOS to ena...