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G750 JX missing some features?

i have purchased an ASUS ROG G750 JX earlier this year about in march and i just went back to the features list and it seems i'm missing some things that are listed there? such as it saying i have 3d, but i don' saying i have leap motion, which i...

11770 by Level 7
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Why is Asus so partition happy. ARGH! (Please Help)

10/2012 I bought a G75VW10/2013 I bought a G750JX11/2014 I just got my G751JYEvery attempt at trying to get rid of the split partition on the OS drive using EASEUS partition manger results in the computer never booting again lol. I open EASEUS, I rig...

Resetting G75VX for sale

Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. You'll have to excuse my ignorance of how the site operates and my newbness.I am selling my G75VX and want to reset it for the buyer so they don't have all of my settings etc. I have backed up all of my files e...

Anti theft protection

Hi everyone ,i recently purchased the ASUS ROG G750 JM laptop, and i'm really worried about the increasing theft near by my location,so here i would like to know if this laptop is installed with any software for anti theft protection for locking and ...


Has anyone here installed i7-2860qm in a G74sx?

Hi all, ive been looking at compatible CPUs for the G74sx, and the best Sandy Bridge CPU that will fit the hardware is the Intel Core i7-2860QM and just want to know if anyone has tried this CPU and if it worked for you.Thanks in advance. Update;i7 2...

Miliano by Level 9
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G56JR Auto Scrolling Issue

Been experiencing some scrolling issue lately on my laptop. Laptop kept scrolling upwards uncontrollably from time to time. I've updated my touchpad driver but the scrolling issue kept happening at times. Would appreciate some help. Thanks !

g750j hardware fault?

since yesterday my laptop wont start anymore, when i turn it on the power light is on and thats just it, i have no screen,no keyboard functions, my first thought was that the cmos battery was down, but it was not, and when i keep turning it on or off...

wim28 by Level 7
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G750JW Possibly fried

I've been having a monitor issue, specifically the cable wasn't set in firmly to the monitor. ASUS told me to send it to them for 3 weeks. Hello voided warranty. Fixed it, no problem. Started to happen again (after 3 months). Fixed it, in the mi...

G75vx Power Supply

Hi everyone,I want to pick up a second power adapter to leave at my office and found this adapter that claims it's compatible with G75vx machines:, th...

frosty by Level 7
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Whas The Best Backpack For The G750JM Under $200?

Hello I was wondering what is the best bag for the G750JM?I know there is the ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack for 17" G-Series Notebooksand Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack with Gaming Console Sleeve, Fits up to 18-Inch (EKP117NBKCT) And Everki...

gbman11 by Level 7
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