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RAID1 on G750JZ

Hi,I have notebook G750JZ-T4039HIn bios I found the settings only for RAID0 field.Can I connect two HDD disk in RAID1?Thanks

What memory should i get

hello i'm buying the g751 with 8gb of ram in it and i want to upgrade it so my question is do i buy two 8 gb sticks or one 16 gb? or do i buy 4 sticks? with 4gb in themalso what kind should i buy? should i buy the same that is already in the laptop o...

cpu Temps to high? 82 degrees playing wow (g751jy)

From what I've been reading max temps should be like 62 on everything ultra, and I have a g751jy and after couple hours of just questing alone, not even raiding and i'm hitting 82 degrees cpu temps. Makes me worried about high demanding games later...

stoop14 by Level 7
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G750JZ Wi-Fi problems at windows start-up

Hey guys,I recently bought a G750JZ, installed Windows 8.1 and noticed that every time I log into Windows at start-up I have do disconnect and reconnect from my WiFi router in order to connect to the internet. Otherwise, my laptop connects to the rou...

Radu121 by Level 7
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I bought this computer, like 1 month ago.First the wifi and ethernet disconnect after 5 mins y fix this setting my ip or id (duno) manually.and now i cant play tf2 (Team Fortress 2) i have a lot of lag even my old pc with 3 gb of ram and 512 video ca...

reavEn by Level 7
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Wireless Headset issues G74Sx

I currently have the ASUS ROG G74sx model laptop. Recently, 2 weeks ago, i purchased the corsair vengeance series wireless headset, after downloading and installing my drivers i then plugged in the USB dongle. After windows updated its own drivers fo...

Dibab by Level 7
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Off topic question

I am 42, been gaming since I was about 5 back on Atari 2600 days. I'm on my 14th laptop or so, the last 4 being top spec Asus ROG machines. I've never owned a desktop. Ever. I'm a web designer and work at home and have no idea why I keep buying lapto...

g750jh broken button?

hello,my w button is somewhat broken or way 2 much used, if i press it , it keeps been pressed down for few sec then going back to normal place again, making a louder voice then other there any way to repair it other then sending it for 2...

G751JT-CH71 970M, Will VRAM Limit Laptop Potential

Hey fellow Gamers,I'm on the market right now for a gaming laptop and, being that the 970M/980M were just released, I'm ready to purchase. I'd like to start off by saying that I personally like ASUS very much, as I have had great luck with their prod...

Trouble with Flash, GMail, Youtube, and more!

I don't know what happened, but I was video chatting when suddenly it crashed. Now I can't use programs such as Skype and Spotify. They will run for a few seconds, then they will crash. I also can't watch any Youtube videos or really any website that...

radrobx by Level 7
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