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HDD Not recognized..HELP

Randomly, 2 days after not booting my PC, after the rog logo says "reboot and select proper boot device"Went into the bios and it seems that it won't recognize my HDD, but it shows my cd drive.. I've been travelling lately, but always keep it secure,...

Enzy by Level 7
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G74S Screen gone crazy after maintenance clean

Hey guys, I don;t usually post here, i only posted 3 times since i got my laptop, 2 years ago, August 2012. No serious probles with it everything worked fine.But the time had come when i had to open it up to clean it for dust. it had 2 cm of dust on ...

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Snuffy by Level 8
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G550JK Electric Shocks !

Hi ROG Communityi just bought g550jk a couple of days ago. i noticed that when device is pluged in to power connecter iam getting electical/static shocks from the metal parts sometimes... it hurts a little sometimes !is there a way to fix that wit...

Asus G751JM (Best Buy Model) GPU upgradability?

So, I've been away from the forums for quite a while, someone said I was dead, well I am back from the dead haha. If it even matters, I got married and life happened lol, I sold my last gaming laptop G75VX which I loved and modified like crazy. So I'...

httuner by Level 9
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Wireless Card Upgrade

Hi Guys, I want to upgrade my Atheros Quallcomm wireless card with one that supports 5g/ac. I have two available options here in Thailand: 1........Intel 7629HMW.............. WiFi +B/T ac 2........Broadcomm BCM9435...

Dinooz by Level 7
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G751JY plugged in but not charging

yea well knew it would have a problem but the battery rly give me a break..... its 99% and it gives the connected but not charging. the thing is my friend got hes new laptop and he had the same problem is this normal cus i see it on more and more lap...

G750JZ - Video TDR Timeouts (several applications)

Hey all, new guy here I've had my G750JZ for 3 months. Since I've had it I've had a problem with receiving either "NVIDIA display driver has stopped responding" or Blue Screen VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUTS.Initially I put this down to relatively new hardware an...

New G750 - Windows Installation Incomplete

Hello.I just received a brand new G750J from Amazon, and upon its first boot up, I got a prompt saying "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation."We don't have a boot disk to use, and ...

New G751JM owner's thoughts

Ok, so I figured I'd make a new thread just for the G751JM. I haven't had it long, but figured I'd give some thoughts.I really do love the touch screen. so far, Windows 8 is much better with it. The screen itself is not matte, its much like a screen...

guvadc by Level 7
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