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Problem using G-Data Internet Security on Asus G751

Hi all,I've been using G-Data Internet Security for some years now. I have no migrated to the new Asus G751.Using G-Data on the G751 results in some severe problems though. Downloads are broken, videos (eg. youtube) aren't loaded correctly, websites ...

Best Bag for G750

I do a fair amount of travel and had difficulty finding a bag online (and in person) for my G750 that was a decent price, and wouldn't fall apart after a single trip, never mind actually fit the computer in the first place.I just got an Everki Advanc...

Dream by Level 7
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G551JM Repair Services

I only had a new laptop for 10 days but I encountered problems. So, they sent it for service which takes about 2 weeks. What i heard about their services, it normally takes about 1 month or more... What should I do after 2 weeks?

Kai_Hao by Level 7
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G750JS questions about performance, etc.

Hello!I have a couple of questions regarding my G750JS laptop.I bought the laptop in august 2014th fyi.The computer has been working good since I bought it, but a couple of weeks ago it's been very laggy and has dropped alot of FPS while playing game...

h0em by Level 7
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ROG G750 JW -LOL problem

So i just got the ROG G750 JW and gforce experiance sets the setting on very high for every thing on my laptop (for lol)so when its plugged in i get 200 fps ( not sure if true :rolleyes: ) with not even a stutter,but when its plugged out i get 30-50...

Asus G750 cooling system modding

Hello guys, like a year ago i saw pictures in some thread, where one guy modded G750** heatsink with additional cooper pads for better cooling.Now i cant find that topic anywhere=( Maybe someone knows a link?)Thanks

olvrick by Level 8
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"Speical Keys" G73JH

I was gifted this latop to replace my aging gaming desktop...I did a format and wipe.. I got all drivers and everything working (other than webcam - but who cares) the only thing that is not working are 3 keys at the top of the keyboard.. (the only o...

Vampyr3 by Level 7
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