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Need help with my G75V and an external monitor. URGENT

Hello everyone!I have today just acquired my new Monitor, BenQ XL2411Z which supports up to 144hz.I wanna run 120hz on my external monitor, and then the laptop monitor off.Problem is, I can find resolutions like 800x600 and 640x480 which can run 120h...

Jesp55 by Level 7
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Dumping Windows For SteamOS

I'm done with Windows and Windows Phone and Windows RT and what not. It's just garbage, and I've honestly had enough of it. So I have decided to try SteamOS at: the Steam client is proprietary, ...

srmojuze by Level 10
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Loud Fan [need help] G75VW

Hey guys, lately my fan speed has been going crazy and really loud. Usually it would go loud when i'm playing a game but now it is loud constantly and after about 1min of turning on the laptop. I've search the forums on ways to control the fan speed ...

Problem using G-Data Internet Security on Asus G751

Hi all,I've been using G-Data Internet Security for some years now. I have no migrated to the new Asus G751.Using G-Data on the G751 results in some severe problems though. Downloads are broken, videos (eg. youtube) aren't loaded correctly, websites ...

Best Bag for G750

I do a fair amount of travel and had difficulty finding a bag online (and in person) for my G750 that was a decent price, and wouldn't fall apart after a single trip, never mind actually fit the computer in the first place.I just got an Everki Advanc...

Dream by Level 7
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G551JM Repair Services

I only had a new laptop for 10 days but I encountered problems. So, they sent it for service which takes about 2 weeks. What i heard about their services, it normally takes about 1 month or more... What should I do after 2 weeks?

Kai_Hao by Level 7
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G750JS questions about performance, etc.

Hello!I have a couple of questions regarding my G750JS laptop.I bought the laptop in august 2014th fyi.The computer has been working good since I bought it, but a couple of weeks ago it's been very laggy and has dropped alot of FPS while playing game...

h0em by Level 7
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ROG G750 JW -LOL problem

So i just got the ROG G750 JW and gforce experiance sets the setting on very high for every thing on my laptop (for lol)so when its plugged in i get 200 fps ( not sure if true :rolleyes: ) with not even a stutter,but when its plugged out i get 30-50...