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Trying to Run Red Dead Redemption II on G703GS

Well I just got Red Dead Redemption II and trying to run it on my ASUS G703GS. I have all the latest sound and graphics drivers for the system (Win 64 bit). When I try to launch it thru the Rockstar game launcher (Also up to date) I get an Error mes...

G501VW No boot

Has anyone had the same issue as mine? I just got to the office today and I tried turning the laptop on but it just won't boot. I don't have any display on the screen at all. I only have the CAPS LOCK light on and the Airplane Mode LED blink twice ev...

G73 Freezing/Crashing Issue - WORKAROUND FOUND

All (NOTE APPLIES TO JW/JH version of G73),If you are experiencing freezing, crashing, usb stops working, BSOD, mouse doesn't work when resuming from screen saver, screen saver freezes, etc, particularly when your laptop has been left at idle for som...

nuke235 by Level 8
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G752VS How to make keyboard light stay on always? [solved]

When i enter a video..after 1 minute the keyboard light goes off...even when doing nothing the same happens after 1 minute...I am most of the times plugged no need to conserve need to turn any lights off...when i am on the battery...

D_V_D by Level 7
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G701VI BIOS issue - no boot

Hello fellow Asus users, I have a problem, maybe you could help me.So I've had my G701VI running mostly fine for a couple of years (apart from not being able to install Linux due to BIOS settings). BIOS version 304 has been working fine.Until last sa...

G752 not waking up after sleep - solved?

Does anybody know what is the software responsible for making G752VY randomly crash when waking up from sleep mode? In some threads here I've read that some users have the same problem as me: sometimes it wakes up well, sometimes the screen is black ...

Laptop Asus ROG Strix G531GT not resuming from sleep

Hello,I have a Asus Rog Strix G531GT with those specs:- i5 9500H- 8GB RAM- 1TB HDD- nVidia 1650 4GBFrom the first moment I bought I've upgraded it with +8GB DDR4 (Crucial 2666) +250GB NVMe.My problem is that the half the times it enters to sleep, it ...

rul3svs by Level 7
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Need help fixing Windows installation G750

If this is in the wrong forum, apologize. I have tried everything and reviewed numerous threads, websites and YouTube vids. I figured this would be my last shot. Here is the situation. My asus g750jm was freezing. I attempted a restore from...

tymothy by Level 7
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