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A few G751JY questions

Hello, I recently just replaced my old G73 for a G751JY a few days ago. The thing is an animal but I have a few concerns as far as Cpu temps areconcerned. While questing around in WoW I've noticed my Cpu to run great at around 74+/- a couple degrees...

G771 not recognizing m.2 drive

A few days ago I bought a G771 and since I already have a Kingston m.2 SATA 240Gb drive I choose the version without SSD. Now when I try to install the m.2 drive into my computer it doesn't recognize that anything is pluged into the bus. There is pro...

galdrin by Level 7
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Far Cry 4 performance

G750JS.....16Gb Ram and SSD upgrade....appreciate don't make too much difference..... But Far Cry 4 on medium, OK for about 2 hours then heat is too much and starts serious lag. For a game that then has high, very high and ultra would expect better f...

Hucker42 by Level 7
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Problem with nvidia control panel on my g750jz

Hi all, I'm not happy to be here and ask your help !!! I've got somes issues with my laptop Asus G750jz + Gtx880m. I bought it few days ago, and i CAN'T open the nvidia control panel. I read many topics to find a solution but nothing concrete. What i...

fly74 by Level 7
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G53SX boot pasword reset

Ok guys i just registered to the forum, i need help with my asus ROG G53SX i have this boot password since i brought it.. And i decided to remove it dues to my girl keep asking for the password, now what i do is i go to the bios then i cant remem...

Installing Linux Mint on G751JY?

I'm trying to dual boot with Linux Mint but haven't had much luck so far.I've got the bootable USB disk, and can boot from it and see the first screen. But as soon as the installation starts, there's a crash (kernel panic) without any specific error ...

lau22 by Level 7
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What to do first with new G751JY-DH73-CA

I have a G751JY-DH73-CA ordered and wondered what you guys would recommend first. I assume I should do the backup but what about drivers, software, bios....leave as is and see what works/doesn't or is there a consensus view of things you should do im...

G751 Not having 120Hz?

Is it correct that the G751 does not have 120Hz screen? It is a shame if the Asus people dont fix this. It has been going on for quite some time now. All the models before in this serie do not have 120Hz screens.It is basically like having a racecar ...

Deluxius by Level 7
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G751 - Why can't it just be awesome! Feeling conflicted.

I've spent over 3 weeks trying to decide what my next laptop should be. This will be the first computer I've bought in over 8 years, and almost every specification I came across in my searches meant almost nothing to me at first, but after many hour...

tjbc by Level 8
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G750 won't boot up

Hello all, just bought a G750JM-DS71 literally yesterday, and in the middle of playing WoW the laptop turned off, and since then will not boot up at all. Push power button, light on power button stays on as well as the led lights for WiFi and numloc...