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G750JS-DS71 Bluetooth Headset Problem

Hello Everyone,I have a G750JS-DS71, and I also have a Motorola Oasis Bluetooth Headset.I'd like to be able to use my headset with the DS71.The headset seems to connect okay through the Bluetooth Device Control panel, but when I go into the Control P...

Tchail by Level 7
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CPU temp hits 100 degrees

Hi I have a G750 and when I play games on performance mode after about an hour my cpu gets to 100 degrees. is this normal or is there something wrong

evezy123 by Level 7
  • 13 replies
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DDR4 and the G751

Any word on when the G751 will start using DDR4 RAM? I'm about to plunk $$ on a DH72 and wondering if I should wait a couple of months.

Anyone else having issues using iTunes on their G751?

You all may know me as the one who brought the Subwoofer Situation to the attention of ASUS and this forum, well, I'm curious if I'm alone on another issue, too:Does anyone else have issues with syncing songs/data to their idevice through iTunes on t...

AC Adapter Alternatives?

Does anyone us a generic AC adapter as a secondary power source for another room or other reason? Just wondering if there is a safe cheaper alternative.

guvadc by Level 7
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Computer won't totally shut down

Was using my G751JT CH71 on battery and went to shut it down using windows and it only partially shut down. I have a blank screen with only mouse pointer that moves around and power button lit. Screen slightly lights up when you move mouse. It jus...

rracres by Level 7
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I bought a G750 JM from Amazon about a month ago and since I've gotten it I've been experiencing a BSOD that says the problem is DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. I've looked on other threads and they say to update drivers in the device manager that have a...

Namikai by Level 7
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A few G751JY questions

Hello, I recently just replaced my old G73 for a G751JY a few days ago. The thing is an animal but I have a few concerns as far as Cpu temps areconcerned. While questing around in WoW I've noticed my Cpu to run great at around 74+/- a couple degrees...