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Oh Yea!!!!! Just got my G750JS-NH71 (sorry excited

It's been a long time since I upgraded my home computer. I no longer want to build my own or replace parts and tweak it. I just wanted something that was fast out of the box and would last me for work and play for as long as my desktop has and my old...

New ASUS G751JY.. questions

Good morning ROG!So I recently purchased and received my ASUS G751JY. I was excited that after a month of international shipping and dealing with APO's it finally arrived and was not damaged. So I have some (very) basic questions as I have not game...

Far Cry 4 settings for G75VX lappy toppys

I just got done playing some Far Cry 4 on my G75VX (670MX Card). Wondering what people have used for there graphics settings? I know there are a ton of settings and I checked out Nvidias page about each setting?Currently mine is set on Medium for mos...

ASUS G750JZ BSOD at random times, HELP!!

Hello everybody,I'm very new in this forum, I just received my G750JZ from a friend around 5 days ago. I installed a couple of games and applications like dota 2, MSI Afterburner, XTU (uninstalled), etc and I've been experiencing BSODs like KMODE_EXC...

bakmi44 by Level 7
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New member with question on G750js-ds71

Hope I can get some insight here ... I am just getting my g750 going and It seems that the system and recovery are on the 1tb drive 0 which is showing system 500mb NTFS /Windows (C.) 921.26 GB NTFS and recovery 9.77 GB NTFS( 3 partitions) ... My syst...

cmpnaz by Level 7
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Asus G751JY-T7032H with or without Pcie ssd ?

1.$ref$&utm_campaign=627071-ordinateur%20portable&ectrans=1#siteaffilinetStockage HDD 1 To, 7200 tr/m...

asatong by Level 7
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751 --Where are the speakers?

I just bought this very nice laptop, but for the life of me I can't find the speakers. All I know it that I hear sound coming from the topleft corner of the laptop. Odd that there would be a speaker only on one side. Am I missing something? Than...