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Strix G731GU type-c dock station

Всем привет. Столкнулся с такой проблемой. У меня есть Asus ROG Strix G731GU и купил ASUS SimPro Dock. При подключении с загруженным Windows 10, появляется сообщение "Соединение для отображения может быть ограниченно. Убедитесь, что устройство Displa...

osben by Level 7
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g750JS thermal paste/thermal pad thickness

Hey guys,My old friend G750JS is getting hot these days. I bought a decent thermal paste (Arctic Cooling MX-4). While I was searching for dissassembly videos on youtube, I found that some GPU models come with thermal pads to protect the memories circ...

Neovox by Level 7
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G531GW Static noise when moving cursor

Hi lads,I've became a proud owner of Strix Scar III G531GW and noticed a small issue.When I'm moving my cursor laptop makes odd buzzing/cracking sounds. It comes from the body for sure and happens whenever I touch the touchpad or a mouse (tried all U...

pusjel by Level 7
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[G731GW] WTF WEIRD dual Windows 10 boot problem

I have a weird problem with dual WIndows 10 boot,After adding Samsung EVO 860 on SATA I installed second WIndows 10 (UEFI like original OS).After 1st restart it did not boot with the error below, so I went to BIOS and disabled Secure Boot, It booted,...

sigtrm by Level 7
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Switch Place HDD ROG751JY

Hi i just wondering , can i swap place between my SSD and my HDD ? my OS in on SSD, just wondering if i can swap place and it is nothing to be worry? Sorry for my bad english.Note my SSD is on the right place and HDD is on the left one...just switch ...

G75VW - Can't install Asus Wireless Radio Control

So I'm having trouble getting the FN+F2 hotkey to work to toggle on and off my WLAN.I have only managed to get the Bluetooth toggle to work, but the WLAN won't toggle at all.If I have understood correctly the solution to this is to install Asus Wirel...

Hot ambience temperature- Tips for cooling my pc

Hello. I own the G752VY and it's summer here where I live. The temperature is absolutely not hesitating to go over 35 C. In winter my CPU temperature is around 75 C which is fine but now it goes to 90 C and it is throttling (checked with HwInfo64). I...