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new g751 - League of Legends Installer problems

I just received my new laptop and am trying to download League of Legends.It starts to download very fast then stalls at 94-99%. if I hit pause and then resume I get a message that The Signature of this Program is corrupt or invalid. I have done a l...

G750JX Keyboarding missing keystrokes, touch pad lagging

I've seen a couple of posts regarding the G750 models missing keystrokes but none of the solutions solved it for me (reinstalling drivers, disabling touchpad, etc.) ...Also, the touchpad is occasionally lagging which is a bit annoying. Again, I've tr...

G750jh-db71 - Can't update the BIOS

When I try to update my bios via either of winflash or easy flash utility, it goes to a blue screen where it displays the bios specs of the bios file that I want to update my bios to. However, even though I wait like 5-10 minutes, there is no install...

ShagraX by Level 7
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Downgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 7?

Hello guys, i have a Asus ROG G751JM Gaming Notebook Touch Screen laptop and i would like to know how to downgrading from windows 8.1 to windows 7 home premium or professional without having any problems with Tweak GPU, Asus Gaming Center, or with th...

RDDsign by Level 7
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G750JZ Can't install Nvidia Drivers.

Hello, (model G750JZ) I recently uninstalled the Nvida drivers due to the Nvida control panel not loading at all. The drivers I downloaded from the Asus website are spitting out the error "install cannot continue, the graphics driver could not...

Replacing G751JT DVD Player

I just bought the G751JT CH71 RT which I just love. No problems at all so far. Can I replace the DVD player with a blu ray player? If I can are there instructions somewhere to do this. I googled it and searched these forums but found nothing. They sh...

rracres by Level 7
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G751 restore CD/flash drive?

I'll be buying a G751 soon and installing an SSD I already have. I understand we can use an Asus utility to copy the restore partition from the factory hard drive to a flash drive for reinstalls. What utility will I need, and how big of a flash driv...

MHaensel by Level 7
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g751 sound settings

Hello when i play on the highest volume on spotify and on windows i get a vibrating sound from my left mouse button on the laptop, now my question is, is it normal that high sound can make laptops make vibrating sound? should i return it for this? al...