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G51J stuck at BIOS screen, won't boot [solved]

Hi everyone. I hate being that guy who makes a forum account just to ask for help with something, but I don't want to make any irreversible and preventable mistakes... Sorry.As of yesterday afternoon, my G51J notebook can't get past the BIOS screen o...

g751 intake?

does anyone know where the g751jy intakes its air from. the vents under the laptop seem to make no difference wether covered or not so im very curious as to where the air is been taken in

G750 JH Audio Issues

I have had this issue on my G750 JH for quite a while now across multiple audio drivers. What happens is that I start playing music or whatever and set the volume. Then I pause the audio or it and when I start it again the volume is about 50%+ higher...

Updating drivers - G750JS

Good evening all,Just picked up the G750JS a couple days ago. Everything working as expected and I am quite enjoying it. That aside, I was checking out the latest drivers on the Asus ROG G750JS page and noticed there are quite a few newer drivers. In...

Simple G751-JY question (hopefully), FPS is locked at 75

Hi, just received my new laptop and I'm a little bit confused. It's my first real gaming laptop and I read on review sites and forums people are experiencing 100+ FPS on some games. Im trying to learn a bit more, I downloaded fraps to see how high th...

g73jh-a1 AMD black screen on startup problem!

Hello guys and merry christmas! I just came home yesterday back from a flight and my screen would not display when starting windows 7. Yes it was really weird since everything was working perfectly fine before my flight. Let me skip you the whole tro...

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Keeping g751jt dust free?

Since I live in a boarding house and the rooms are really dusty (nothing I can do against it unfortunately l) I was wondering if I can somehow reduce the dust intake by the laptop since cleaning seems the vents seems to be quite challenging and I don...

How to disable the Intel Management Engine?

I have a G750JZ laptop and I'd like to fully disable the so-called "Intel Management Engine" (sometimes called Intel Active Management Technology). I don't see any related options in the BIOS, and that's quite strange, most BIOSes allow you to disabl...

Asus ROG Geforce Coupon

So I just bought a new Asus ROG G751JT-CH71 on 12/29/1014 on Amazon.I just found out today that if you buy a notebook with GTX 970M graphic card, you will have a coupon to redeem for a free game. More information here:

"TAB" key tilted.

Hi all, calling the veterans here as I have an issue with the "TAB" key. Opened my G751JT today (fresh from the freight forwarding service in Costa Rica) and I noticed that the "TAB" key is slightly tilted down to the left. Can anyone help me how t...