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750JX Storage upgrade

I am planning on performing an upgrade on the storage where the main drive will be a SSD rather than the mechanical one.Included with this will be using my own Windows 8.1U1 install media. Are there any gotch-ya's that I should be on the look out fo...

Asus ROG75JS memory upgrade

i recently purchased a new rog750js with 12Gb ram (3 x 4Gb) and i was looking to know if it would run ok if i add an 8Gb mem to the spare/unused slot or do they have to balance 4Gb x 4 or 2 x 4Gb and 2 x 8Gb.

colcor by Level 7
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Two quick questions.

Would I need warranty for a repasting because I get pretty high CPU temps when I run heavy duty games like 90C-95C (not F) and if not how much would that cost? Second question. What is the best CPU OC / UC tool we can use?

g750jh and pg278q

Hi guys.Quick question, canIi hook the rog swift monitor up to the mini displayport in my laptop if I use an adapter?and will gsync and everything else work with it?Kind regards

G53S Mouse Software, Could You Suck More?

So I'm coming from an '08 Samsung win 7 laptop that had some very handy features in its Elan touch pad software that I would Love to have on my new (used) laptop.3 Finger tap for middle button.Smooth 2 finger scrolling.I've had notebooks with Synapti...

[Solved] 970m (Code 43)

I installed the new driver 347.09 and I did the windows 8.1 Maintenance check , I think after that the driver doesn't work's a 3-4 days windows 8.1 nothing bad installed, and I tried to reinstall the driver. still the same error.EDIT : Dis...

x7007 by Level 7
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ETA for g751 Fixes?

I really wanted to buy the g751 but I am very concerned about the lack of quality control on this model. Gaming is not my first priority, but I was drawn to this unit because it just seemed like such a great deal and could do everything I needed and...

tjbc by Level 8
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Keyboard Problem G750JH

i didn't noticed when it exactly started but my GH750JH Laptop started to swallow up some letters from time to time. I thought it was related to an upgrade of my RAM, but even when i take it out the problem appears. It differs from time to time to. S...

Derax by Level 7
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ASUS G75VW: Black Screen During Boot

Hello everyone. I am having some issues with my 2 year old ASUS G75VW. I recently performed a Windows Update and now my computer will not allow me to boot up my OS. It flashes the ROG logo, then nothing/blackness. I can access my BIOS.Some of the thi...

I'm a noob at overclocking G750JM

Hey guys, I bought this laptop a couple months back and I'm in love with it. It has good performance for all my tasks and games run great on it but I looked up videos recently of seeing overclocked 860m's giving much improved performances over stock ...