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Internet connection issues with G751J

Hi, I'm having terrible connection issues with my new laptop, I can barely stream Youtube, or load a simple video on Facebook. But when it comes to League of Legends I'll be fine, with the occasional client crash because of the instability of my conn...

Asus G551JM Audio Driver bug

I have installed the audio driver on the product page and it has given me the slider to control the subwoofer(this model doesn't have this) volume for the soundcard. I have tried the audio driver from the support.asus website where all the drivers ar...

ctc91 by Level 7
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MIssing drivers G551jm win7

Howdy all; I had to reduce my G551jm from Win8 to 7 because Win8 was throwing errors or crashing two pieces of software I use everyday and which work fine in Win7, compatibility mode did not solve it. I have full function on the laptop including wi...


G51Jx, which 24 inch monitor recommended?

I want use a external hdmi 24 inch monitor for my notebook.I found a Iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU 120/144 Hz gaming TN monitor, 1920x1080.Should it work all right? Does it run 60/120/144 Hz?What is the max resolution?It must be prepaired to the future.I ...

After replacing mainboard no Windows genuine

I had troubles with gaming with my new notebook G51Jx. The MB is G60J. The TSD has replaced the MB and Videocard. After recovery Windows is no longer genuine, because SLIC 2.1 is missing in the bios after the replacement. The pre-activation does not ...

Laptop Gaming Asus G750JY-T4036D

Hi , i just bought this notebook and i have a several problems with it . First one is the subwoofer witch is stoping when i listen music or other craps , and second when i open it is seems that a red stripe is showing on the screen ( i want to think ...

warranty question?

hi i have a g751jt and my question is very about my i bought an ssd to replace my 1tb hdd on the laptop upon opening the upgrade window at the back i found my out the the screw on the mounting unit of the hdd was to tight and i cant re...

psygorn by Level 7
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ASUS G751 & Extended Warranty ISSUES

I have bought my BRAND NEW gaming laptop (ASUS G751JT) this past week. On Monday (12/8), it finally arrived from shipment service. The laptop is awesome and will not discuss about its features here. The problem is: EXTENDED WARRANTY!Right after I rec...