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Asus G751jy downloading issue

Hi just picked up my brand spanking new g751jy yesterday. I've noticed when I'm downloading it hangs at 99% and never completes. This is happening to me when I'm trying to update nvidia drivers, and download avast antivirus, super anti-spyware, and a...

G751JT - Installing Win 8.1 Pro

Hi Alli plan to install Win 8.1 Pro on this G751JT. It came with Win 8.1 Core. How can i retain the boot image when you first turn on the power, the image before desktop wall paper ?Any help ?

G751 JT, always Fully charged (100%)

Hey, i want to be always plugged in but i am afraid of overcharging. I know my charging have to stop after getting 100% and then start charging again when i get around 90% or something like that but its not happening. I have read somewhere on the for...

GeForce Game Ready Driver 347.09 on G751

I own a brand new G751JT-CH71 and GeForce Experience is prompting me to update my display driver (344.00) to the new Game Ready Driver (347.09). I haven't found any updated drivers on the ASUS website and I wasn't sure if applying this update is advi...

Touch Pad Question

Is there some sort of software where i can enable mouse acceleration for the touch pad but not for mice? using the touch pad without acceleration is a pain in the a** howver gaming with mouse acceleration and a mouse is even worse.

Replacement Charger for G74sx-bbk7

Hi Everyone,so i managed to damage my charger by accidentally kicking my recliner back in which caught the cord and pretty much cut deep enough where it no longer comes back on (which is sad cause i only just received this laptop from a friend not ev...

Backpack recommendation for G751

Any backpack recommendation for this beast? :cool: The free Asus backpack is just a bit too small around the top corners, I will need to manually fold both of the corner before zipping it up or else the zip will grind or even get stuck by the corners...