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G751JY free space(air) requirments

What are the Asus G751JY free space(air) minimal requirements for the exhausts at the back of the laptop? Example: What is the minimal distance to a wall on a desk?

SnowG by Level 7
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Question; Heat & Maintenance (G75VW GPU)

Greetings RoG'ers!I've got a curious inquiry regarding the G75VW. Recently, I had an incident in which a game overheated the GPU to the point where the notebook shut itself off, at around the 90 Celsius mark. I'm quite content with the failsafe, but ...

Preserving Battery Life/CARE - Let's hear your ideas!

Hello everyone, we all know how horrid these gaming laptops are as far as battery life so let's hear what all you have done to aide in the situation. If you are at all like me then you use your laptop daily, intensively, and for long periods of time...

ASUS ROG G751 Backlight not working.

Hey, I noticed that the backlight on my new computer didn't work and I looked into it and I don't know what the problem is. I've seen other forumposts with the same problem on G750. I already have the ATK package installed, I've also tried turning it...

Anyone know what the optical drive noise is?

Note: This is my first post, please be gentle Hi,I noticed that whenever I turn on my JX, the Blu-Ray drive makes a quick funny noise during POST. Its the same kind of noise it makes when you open it. Now, I don't think there's anything wrong with th...

Help - need Replacement G750JS keyboard/screen

I have a G750JS model (the one with GTX 870M) and the screen and keyboard need replacing as well as the corners of the actual laptop. Where can I buy a keyboard replacement? I tried amazon and didn't find anything. I believe this screen is the correc...

G53SW shuts down as logging in to Windows...

Hi!Hm, where to begin... Well, about six months ago something went wrong with the laptop. It started and boosted fine, but the screen was dead, didnt get any signal from hdmi or vga either. Read around on some forums and decided that the problem shou...

Lucifus by Level 7
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G73JW Bios to 205, now won't power on

Hello,First time poster. I tried to be good by searching the forums for a solution to my problem before posting, but I didn't see anything that matched.I have had my G73JW for a few years and tonight I thought I would drop in an SSD and reload it wi...

critcom by Level 7
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Alienware Graphic Amplifier this thing arrives at my local shops, i would probably buy it and sell my JZ.

beatc by Level 7
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Replace my g75vw-t1124v keyboard from Germany

Hi ! I'm planning to replace my damaged keyboard (see attachment) with one of these: