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G703GI - Xbox Wireless feature not working

I was trying to make my environment into wireless as much as possible, so I decided to buy xbox one s controller. I reckoned that my laptop, G703GI (2018 version) had the xbox wireless feature and I thought I needed not to connect via Bluetooth.Never...

Hoaxaxe by Level 7
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G531GU 4-zone RGB or not?

I can't find a way to make the keyboard light up in 4-zone RGB as in these images on Asus website. In Armoury Crate there is no option for that, and I downloaded Aura Core from Microsoft Store but it doesn't work, it's only one color. Does the Strix ...

Kerox by Level 7
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G751 Power Failures & Bizarre Issues

I've been trying to diagnose some odd issues with my laptop for a long time now. I suspect something is wrong with the motherboard which makes me wonder if it came with a defect. I read two threads that look related to my issues but don't seem to be ...

VasVadum by Level 8
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Does the G752vy support 2.5" 15mm thickness HDD?

The laptop comes with a 1TB HGST HDD 2.5" 9.5mm drive. I want to know if a 2.5" 15mm HDD would fit in the drive bay. I contacted ASUS support butthey were not able to help me at all. They didnt even know the size of the drive that was in the laptop (...

ASUS Smart Gesure has no reverse scrolling option

After the newest Windows 10 update today, the direction of my scrolling changed and i can't reverse it. I tried following these instructions the option under "Scroll" is missing.Anybody else have this p...

G531gw bios update 305???

Just got pushed a new bios update from myasus app and I am unable to find the listed changes. Does anyone at Asus headquarters know what this bios update did. Website only had 303 listed.

Asus ROG G752 model confusion VS/VSK

Hello I won't to make an bios update I have the model G752VSK-GC493T with the 7700HQ and 1070 8GBIn the Asus ROG Drivers site have 3 models First option G752VS OC Edition ok I don't have this modelSecond option G752VS (Intel 7th gen)Third ...

Oktanio by Level 7
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G752VT Keyboard backlight not working

Hello I know this is an issue many have had and I have read through the post and tried the uninstall ATK and reinstall multiple time with multiple ATK's and none worked. When I press FN+F3 the email app opens and when I press FN+F4 Google Chrome open...