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Upgraded to SSD ASUS ROG G751JT CH71. Need help!

I bought the G751JT CH71 laptop and also bought a Samsung 850 Pro SSD. I was able to migrate the HDD to the SSD (100%). booted up perfectly fine off the SSD. I tried to go on my settings and it wouldnt open it would just stay blue. as well as all of ...

Phazix by Level 7
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Lemon Party.

Can ANYONE point me towards "CL albert"? i tried buying an extended warrranty and i got told by asus and bb "no"it seems there are these elusive rog higher ups or something who will hear out and investigate my G750-JW bbi7n05 lemonhood.

l2apsux by Level 7
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More than 4gb ram worth it?

Is it worth adding another 4gb (or 2gb) of ram to my G46 that has 4gb ram, i5, gtx66m? I mean what kind of a fps increase should i expect? Is it easy to do this yourself?

Bubu91 by Level 7
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g751jt-ch71 issues

I recently picked up the g751jt-ch71 via Newegg. I have a few questions.1. How do you exactly overclock the CPU to 3.5 as advertised? MIne is set to 2.5/2.4 and I can't figure out how to do it, there is no option in the bios, that I can see.2. Does a...

Taigas by Level 7
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Audio Jack problem ?

so i use a razer hammerhead pro for my gaming activities. and today, it suddenly produces no sounds when i plug it to the audio jack. my g750jm keep on using speakers to produce sounds. i try to plug my earphone to my phone, and it has no problems. r...

Buying a G751 with an SSD and no HDD ?

Hi. I'm in the process of helping a friend buy a gaming laptop.He drives trucks across the USA, so we're looking for a laptop that has a good SSD and nothing else as the vibration from truck driving would quickly kill an HDD.I'm unable to find a G551...

Tektium by Level 7
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G750JX bluetooth not working.

I've had this laptop for awhile and when I purchased it I opted for the Intel Centrino Ultimate n 6300 wireless card. I'm not sure if this card doesn't have bluetooth capability or there is a driver issue. Any input would be helpful. - thank you.

Kovelli by Level 7
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