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G750JX powers off randomly during boot

Hi guys,I have a JX I bought six months ago. Starting last month, it started powering off randomly, just after the ROG splash screen. I read the old thread on the JH somewhere on the forum, but the suggestions from that thread i.e resetting BIOS sett...

New User. New G75vx Owner

Hello, I have just purchased a G75VX from EBay for £620. Usual Specs with 16gb Ram. Hope that was a good price?I have been out of the IT game for a while and I have a question regarding Hard Drives. When I get my new laptop, I aim to replace the hard...

Phandy by Level 7
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ASUS G750JZ Audio jack module replacement

Hi,I have an issue with the audio jack input (headphone jack).It's demaged (the plastic cover cracked somehow in my bag).I don't want to send the laptop to our "authorized" asus repair center (bad service and i will get my laptop in even worse shape)...

Honami by Level 7
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sus Rog G750JZ - Undervolted and overclocked - Questions

So I've managed to undervolt both CPU and GPU.The CPU is now 10C lower with same performance while GPU is the same in temperature but I OC it and getting around 5fps increase in heaven benchmark. The question is. As long the temperatures are the same...

navis995 by Level 11
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ASUS G750JX game crash?!

Hello,i bought a 8month old ASUS G750JX and everytime when i play Dota 2 or Rust, first i see different colours flicker on my Display and then the Game crashes, i must end it with TASK Manager, this isnt normal or? The Seller got refreshed gpu, fan a...

G751JY WIFI problem with INTEL Wireless-AC7260

Hello,I recently purchased an ASUS ROG G751 JY Windows 8.1 and it seems there are problems with INTEL wifi network card AC7260.Sometimes the files that I download are corrupted and don't execute. I also had problems with windows update may be because...

rockrog by Level 7
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C:\eSupport GL550JK Deleted

Hey guys! I bought a ROG GL550JK about two month ago. Yesterday I was playing around with Windows 10 Technical Preview and deleted, willingly, the partition that came with Windows 8.1, after copying what I wanted to keep. Well, only after that did I ...

Dannyps by Level 7
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Clarifications Before Buying G751JT-CH71

I'm looking to buy the G751 with specific model, G751JT-CH71.So I need some clarifications before buying this laptop.I've heard that some models don't have the M.2 PCI-E x4 slot installed. So does this model have the M.2 PCI-E x4 slot installed alrea...