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Should I get a G751?

Hey guys,first time Notebook-Buyer here. Can't decide if the Asus G751 is the right fit for me.I'm looking to use it for 3D Programms such as Maya and Games. Also planning to carry it arround every weekend from London back to Frankfurt. What concerns...

Zezeri by Level 7
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Help! G73 is now sloooooooooooooow

need some help/fresh ideas. I have a G73JH and it has been a great laptop. Last week, I noticed gaming was slow. The same game that was always butter smooth was now choppy. So I peeked around, and after running Windows Experience (easy first check) m...

G751JY Strange clicking sound

Just purchased the laptop G751JY last week and everything seems to be running fine but im getting this strange clicking sound. It only happens when I have a game up but the sound will just pop whether im playing the game or idle. It sounds like it's ...

arc08 by Level 7
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G75vw Blackscreen during Gaming

Hi there,i have a problem with my g75vw. if i play games like WoW and League of legends my laptop turns off. I got no Bluescreen or sth i just turns off like i press the power button for a few seconds.I tried:-GPU Stress test with no errors-CPU Stres...

g75vw-bbk5 best buy version question

Hello, I currently have the best buy version of the g75vw-bbk5, which means I only have 1 HDD.I would like to add an SSD and have that as my OS/application drive. Would I be able to do that and retain all of my Recovery data?If so, are there any SSD ...

G73 2nd HDD/SSD caddy?

My G73, with its two drive bays, only came with one caddy. I'm assuming this is normal. Where can I get another caddy? Nowhere on the ASUS site is there a section to order parts like that. Right now my SSD is just kind of chillin' in there with n...

Retired by Not applicable
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G551JM-DH71-CA vs G771JM-DH71-CA

Hi,I recently purchased the G551JM-DH71-CA. However, due to screen issues, it was dead on arrival and I had to sent it in to Asus.Asus has offered to replace the defective model with the G771JM-DH71-CA.My understanding is that these models are identi...

Windows 8.1 locked my SSD, need help.

Hello guys, short story long:My ROG G750JS with Windows 8.1 64 got stuck for 5 or more minutes, ctrl+alt+del didn't work. I shut the laptop down using the button. When power up, the OS is stuck at loading system. I use the USB recovery stick made by ...

SSDS not detected on asus g751jt

SO i somehow managed to get back onto my laptop after the ssd with the partition on it went missing and the computer just started into the bios. now i managed to install windows onto the hdd so i can actually run the laptop again but i now found out ...