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3 Hard Drives in asus rog g751 JY?

so i just got a new g751 with the 256 m.2 sata ssd in it. i was looking into the hard drive bay and it looks like a can still put another drive in. either way i want to have 3 hard drives in the system and am curious on how that would be possible?

G750JX Boot Issue

I've recently experienced a boot issue with my G750JX.My laptop had been working normally, but recently the boot issue's appeared.After pressing the power button, the laptop won't boot to the Windows. Usually after pressing the power button, the ligh...

G750JM Charger not working

So a couple months ago my charger that came with my laptop stopped working. After a while I discovered that a dell charger I had laying around the house that would work except when I did something intensive on the computer. When I did it would simply...

Keyboard lags as i type.

This problem is only really an issue when i'm inside of a game -- however it has no excuse to suddenly stop accepting characters due to the game i'm playing... The game requires very little power to run as my laptop from 2006 runs it just fine at ful...

SubVirus by Level 7
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So I disabled G750JZ integrated GPU... by accident?

Hi!I've been user of G750JZ for 3 months now and have pretty much educated myself about it all there is to be educated about. Everywhere I checked the fact that you cannot disable integrated GPU stayed true...until few days ago that is. You see it is...

navis995 by Level 11
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Overclocking a gtx770M

Im not an expert so I didn't want to proceed without some suggestions.To what extent is it safe to over clock the 770M? Also, can anyone post a before-after overclocking performance, just to see if it's worth it?Thank you

G750JS-T4222D shutting off after aprox. 3 sec.

Woke up, plugged in the charger and booted up.It got into windows when suddenly the laptop shutdown.When I press the power button, it starts booting in, but after about 2-3 seconds it shuts down by itself.If I remove the battery and try to start it u...

Question about the SSD on G751JY

Hello there,I've bought the G751JY and I'm really enjoying it but one thing I wanted to see was the difference of the SSD and HDD so I installed WoW on my HDD and then tested a bit of playing. I later moved all the gamefiles to my SSD and I really se...

Tornale by Level 7
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asus g551jm or n551jm

Hello! asus g551jm or n551jm? g551 is for gaming and n551 is multimedia but after checking both specs they are completely the same except that n551 have better speakers, so do they have equal performance in gaming? because if they are, ill get the n5...

All those models of G751 - i´m confused...

Is there any list of all available models of G751? Sorted by regions, model types, codes...?In my country i still can´t purchase any of G751, but some websites already published that they will start to sell it in february 2015 (dates are changing fro...

id10t by Level 7
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