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G550JK subwoofer problem

Hi everyone,I've bought that laptop three days ago and i have small problem with its subwoofer.I would like to know if it is normal that my subwoofer is creaking, when the volume is around 70 %? Should I contact with Asus?What is more, when i don't ...

miki285 by Level 7
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G751JY randomly opening Start Menu [solved]

Ever since I got my G751JY, once every 1-2 hours, the start menu would randomly open. It is impossible that the start menu button would be pressed, because there is nothing near the keyboard when this happens. I have searched for this problem everywh...

Dead pixels in G75VX

I really had many problems with my g75, most of them were properly repaired by service (it did make a lot of time though and each time was send to a different country to get repaired). Now I do have 1 bright pixel and 3 dark spots. I realized that I ...

Raid 0 at g750jz, 90NB04K1-M02860

Hi,I`ve read a lot about raid 0 settings in BIOS but when I tried to buil a Raid 0 with my 2HDD (1Tb each) windows cannot boot/First of all I made Backtracker USB, then I switched off secure boot and enabled Launch CSM and Launch PXE opRom/I tried se...

The best Custom Dealer

Ok I got a G751JY in my cart with xtopic. Now I'm looking around at the competition all seem to be pretty much offering the same service and upgrades. Wide differences in warranty offers. Prices are about the same. I have been around these forum too...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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G55VW Keyboard Hotkeys and Windows 8

I got Windows 8 Professional through Dreamspark, threw it on my G55. I'm very happy with it, I love the new Task Manager and ISO mounting, as well as other features. I don't want to hear any haters.My only problem is that the ATK Package provided, wh...

dotvezz by Level 7
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Win7, win8, ubuntu triple boot guide on asus g750js

Hello guys i`m making this thread for those who ever wanted to make a triple boot system with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu (all 64bits).THIS GUIDE IS FOR MEDIUM- EXPERT USERS SO IF YOUR KNOWLEDGE ITS BELOW THAT, LEAVE YOUR SYSTEM IN PEACE O IT WIL...

skajuan by Level 7
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