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Noisy G75VW laptop

Hello!I don't know if t's the fan or the HDD, but the laptop is kinda noisy lately.How do I know what's the component that's so noisy?If it's just the fan, is it expensive to exchange?GPU and CPU temperatures are normal.Thank you!

Fetito by Level 7
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G75vw Black screen and distorted image

Full model name under the notebook (usually next to the serial number): G75vw-9z203vBios version: It's the stock one, no upgradeCPU:Intel Core i7-3720QMMemory amount in GB:16GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MOperating system: Original ASUS factory image or ...

Aulren by Level 7
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G75VW USB ports not working (except one)

I had some problems with USB ports after doing a clean Windows 7 installation.It seams that only 1 port is working, the one with a thunder icon (constantly powered) on the right side of my laptop.Devices connected to all other ports are recognized by...

Rayearth by Level 7
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Strix G SystemInfo

Hello, i have a g531gt, and my notebook got reseted, i need to see if the configs are still the same, like the windows version, can someone with the same notebook or its variants, please provide me a systeminfo pic from cmd? That would help me alot, ...

Kenjii1 by Level 7
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Transfer ASUS recovery partition?

Hello Everyone, The last months of life out of my first ASUS, a G74SX may be coming upon me. Since I picked it up in 2011 it has been with me on two combat deployments, traveled to over 15 countries and probably just as many states. It has been no...

ssg_K by Level 7
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G531gw nvme upgrade help!

Hey guys I am looking at upgrading my NVME drive. Currently have a 500GB installed was looking at buying this intel one anyone up...

How Do I Boot G750 To BIOS?

Hi Folks: I'm trying to boot my G750 to BIOS. I've tried holding F2, F1, ESC and F12, while hitting the power switch, and holding it until the OS comes up. I was hoping the BIOS screen would come up, but no joy. Suggestions?ThanksLarry

G752VY-DH72 battery replacement in USA

Hi,My 2015 ROG's battery has finally died.I am trying to find a reliable replacement in USA. Tried 2 different ones on Amazon but both don't hold charge.I called ASUS USA and asked if they can ship me the replacement battery for out of warranty repai...

drneet by Level 7
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Asus G752VS very bad sound quality

Hello, I just got my new gaming laptop but it has very bad sound quality. Sometimes it just starts to make sounds randomly, probably a driver bug.How can I make that stop and how can I increase the sound Quality?Thanks