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watchdog error blue screen on asus rog g550jk?

i was playing a game on my rog g550jk with battery only but in max performance then suddenly it crashes i saw the game pixel being blur and its hard to end task the game cause the laptop just beging slowing down. but then it appeared the blue screen ...

dk0217 by Level 7
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G751JT Windows 8.1 PRO Inquiry

Guys, I got G750JT running with windows 8.1 basic which i can't even add a user profile picture. Im planning to buy a 8.1 PRO but i need to know if its ok to clean install windows 8.1PRO. If you have a working guide please share the link.thanks.

G750JX lagging issue

Hey folks I have a really annoying issue with my G750JX. When I am in-game, any game, my performance is dropping critical. I have tried to fix this issue for about a week now.I have both tried to reinstall drivers and update my drivers, but nothing i...

Vbios Mod 765M

Hi !Can someone help me unlock the vbios of my Asus, it has a lot of OC potential Time to use it !Thanks !

G750JZ OS X Yosemite install thread

Since the original thread on Mavericks/Yosemite installation it's really a mess, I've come up with the idea of start a new thread.Basically, I'm going with Yosemite fresh install, then post-installation finalizations and post results here, trying to ...

Areseru by Level 7
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GS37SW-BST6 Random reboots and freezing.

So I've recently aquired an Asus GS37SW-BST6 Model laptop. My friend gave it to me because it liked to start up, you could do a few things, i even got as far as playing runescape on max settings for 10 minutes. Right after that it crashed then reboot...

mrnatey by Level 7
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Why foramat all drives when using Backtracker?

So, I spent an entire weekend backing up files to a new 1TB drive. Created a restore USB using Backtracker. I then proceeded to install a new SSD to be my primary OS drive. Boot to the Backtrack USB and restore to have a fresh copy of OS installe...

Audio and Video Problem with HDMI cable output (G53sw)

Hey guys,Ive had my asus laptop for a good 3 years now and could never get it to work with an HDMI cable before, and only recently did i actually have to make it work which is why i'm waiting this long to seek help. Before updating the nvidia drivers...