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Newb question about installing games

Just got a Asus G750 and first time with a SSD. I am trying to install my SC2 and Diablo 3, but I have insufficient place on the C drive. How do I go about installing them correctly which means that I will have to go back and pull WoW off the C dri...

G751JY minimize gesture doesn't work on trackpad

Hi,I was just wondering if anybody else has this small problem.All gestures with the trackpad work except the minimize gesture, maximizing does work.Not that big a problem, I can still use ctrl - , but I still want it to work as it should.Anybody got...

ASUS G751JY laptop - screen went black after nvidia update

Hello, today I got my new ASUS G751JY laptop everything was perfect until I open nvidia center and try to update my nvidia driver. I chose express installation and away from the laptop. When I got back the screen was black only thing I could see was ...

Juraj by Level 7
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Black screen on boot!

1600$ for a laptop that only boots half the time? This is not acceptable. I updated the bios, updated windows, and some other minor tweaks to try and fix this and got nowhere. From looking at the forums I'm not the only one with this problem. Asking...

G551 Undervolting - Temperature Reduce

Hi guys,Anyone ever did undervolting to their laptop? My laptop temp is high when ever i play games. So upon googling, I saw this on other forum so I'm some kind of wondering is there any of us ever did that.

XsplaX by Level 7
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G551turned off backlit on WIndows login screen

Hello everyone,I bought G551 and there is one issue that is very annoing. When I see login screen for Windows 8.1 keyboard backlit is always turned off.How can I turn on backlit on Windows login screen?Thank you in advance for any help.

anihil by Level 7
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ASUS ROG G750JS CPU problem

I am running with i7 4700HQ processor and i notice my high temperatures in idle, 50-52C. From time to time they jump to 62-64 for 1-3 seconds and then they get back to 50-52C. CPU load is really low and i have no idea why my processor is working at 8...

matau by Level 9
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ROG G750JW 4k videos lag

Hello . Since i reinstalled windows on a ssd i've been having problems with 4k videos on youtube , the processor is running at about 60-70% and the video lags (just a slight lag ) . Everything was working perfect before the reinstall . Im a newbie an...

Cisko by Level 7
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FPS drop pls help.

Hello,I have not so big problem and I need to advice. During playing the game WoT is huge FPS drop. FPS decreases from 75 to 60 and minimum is 44. The capacity of GPU was always cca 60% and so on, but never 99% when I saw it throught the afterburner....

Cross27 by Level 7
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